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Title: EMT
Company: SeniorCare EMS
Location:Bronx / Brooklyn / LI
Job Description:


1-Conducts a careful examination of the patient for signs and symptoms of illness/injury and assists other medical personnel as necessary.
2-Provides prompt and efficient care of the patient and stabilization of their condition prior to transport.
3-Provides careful handling of the patient in moving them to the ambulance. Provides safe and efficient transport of the patient while constantly monitoring the patient and providing any appropriate continuing care. Provides orderly transfer of the patient at destination. Upon arrival at destination with patient, responsible for preparing all BLS supplies and equipment to place the unit back in service. In the absence of other qualified personnel, controls the accident scene, in such a way as to minimize further danger as well as controlling the actions of bystanders. Obtains information regarding the emergency from dispatch, communicates with other emergency personnel as needed, and alerting hospital emergency department staff of the arrival of patients. Obtains and records information as well as those required by medical, legal, and health authorities. Is responsible for documenting diagnosis/illness categories and completion of all patient care related documents. Makes daily checks of the vehicle equipment and systems, and completes manifest; responsible for competent operation of all equipment and systems. Administers basic pre-hospital care within the limits of certification and in accordance with approved protocols. Attends training as scheduled. Respects and holds in confidence all information obtained in the course of professional work unless required by law to divulge such information. Responsible for upholding standards of practice and education. Adheres to standards of personal ethics, on and off duty, which reflect credit upon the profession. Protects the public by not delegating to persons less qualified, any service which requires the professional competence of an EMT-B. Performs other duties as required by respective supervisor.
Contact: Jerry Gombo, 718.430.1525,
Job requirements: Must be currently NYS DOH certified EMT-B. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Able to drive in normal and adverse conditions. Skillful in thinking and acting quickly in stressful situations. Able to function around seriously ill or injured people in a responsible manner. Able to maintain harmonious relationships with fellow crew members, public safety personnel, and the general public under stressful situations. Good knowledge of common physical illnesses, obvious symptoms, and appropriate medical terminology. Skillful in the application of BLS emergency care procedures and in the use of all equipment maintained on ambulances. Skilled in use of locator aids to find specific locations (maps, directories, etc.). Has full knowledge of rules of the road for emergency and non-emergency situations. Able to drive in accordance with SeniorCare safety standards. Passes all driver examinations, written, and road tests. Conducts themselves in a professional manner while on duty and avoids inappropriate conduct, on and off duty. Able to express self effectively to both medical and lay personnel orally and written in the English language. Able to deal sympathetically with patients and others. Reflects the standards of professionalism in appearance with neatness and cleanliness. Has good working knowledge of all company policies pertaining to this position. Complete knowledge of protocols and their applications. Is physically fit. Meets all physical requirements for this position.
Salary: commensurate with experience
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Title: EMT's and Paramedics
Company: Ambulnz
Location:NYC/Long Island/ Upstate NY
Job Description:Hiring EMT's, Paramedics. New graduates welcome. Come work for one of the highest salary paying ambulance companies in the NYC area. Medical transports and many special events like sports and entertainment venues.
Contact: Jason Rabinowitz, 718-863-8800,
Job requirements: Must have current NYS Dept of Health EMT or Paramedic certification.
Salary: High starting salary
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Title: Health Services LPN/EMT
Company: Boar's Head
Location:Brooklyn, NY
Job Description:Provides medical treatment to injured or ill employees as well as responsible for the management of workers compensation claims. Communicates with Doctors and follows up on injured employees. Responsible for promoting a healthy work environment and assisting employees with health concerns through health promotions. •Keep employee medical records. •Initial patient care and follow up. Monitor and manage all employee injuries from minor to serious. •Perform all functions associated with medical treatment. •Perform drug and alcohol screens as required. •Communicate with insurance company and provide reports, documentation and follow up per workers compensation. Manage all workers compensation claims. •Inventory and order proper supplies. •Promote a positive health environment for all associates. •Institute programs to be proactive for employee health. •Maintain the OSHA 300 log of injuries and illnesses. •Stay current on occupational nursing changes.
Contact: Tiffany Tomzak, 718-456-3600,
Job requirements:
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